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Travel Health

Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, we believe that it is important to discuss your travel plans with a specialist Travel Medicine GP so that you can best be proactive about, prepared for and protected from travel-related illness and injury.

Newcastle Travel Clinic is KFP's specialist Travel Medicine Clinic. GPs, Dr Tony Isaac and Dr Charlie Piao, are members of the International Society of Travel Medicine and hold post-graduate qualifications in Travel Medicine. Our dedicated travel health website, Newcastle Travel Clinic, gives you much more information.

In your Travel Health consultation, your Travel Medicine GP will discuss:

  • Recommended immunisations based on your travel itinerary, planned activities and immunisation history

  • Protection from insect bites (for the prevention of insect-borne disease)

  • The risk of Traveller’s Diarrhoea, how to prevent it and how to self-treat

  • Protection from animal (mammal) bites (for the prevention of animal-borne disease like Rabies)

  • General Travel Health information

  • Any other information specific to your needs and travel plans (eg. Yellow Fever vaccination; travelling at altitude; travelling while pregnant, etc)



  • Your completed Travel Health Questionnaire (click here)

  • Your TRAVEL ITINERARY showing your detailed travel plans, accommodation and activities

  • A HEALTH SUMMARY showing your Past Immunisation History, Significant Medical History and Current Medications – you will be able to request this from your usual GP (if you are an existing patient of Kotara Family Practice we will already have this information on file)



Travel vaccinations can be privately purchased from KFP or from your pharmacy with a script from your Travel Medicine GP. Although the vaccines can be costly, many provide you with long-term cover, so if you travel again you may not need additional vaccination. If you have a restricted budget please let your Travel Medicine GP know so that they can help you decide which immunisations are most recommended. If you are travelling for business, your employer may reimburse you for the cost of your vaccines and travel advice. If you are in a private health fund you may also be able to claim a rebate for the cost of any vaccines. We will provide you with a receipt of purchase that you can submit to your private insurer.



Please be aware that some vaccines require multiple doses for sufficient immunity to develop prior to travel. It is highly recommended to seek advice at least 6 weeks prior to departure. If your departure date is sooner than this your Travel Medicine GP may be able to recommend a fast-tracked vaccination schedule and/or offer advice on other strategies to best protect yourself from travel-related illness and injury. Booster vaccination may also be recommended for some diseases to provide you with extended immunity (eg. lifelong immunity) –  a good way to ensure protection if you plan on travelling again in the future. Your Travel Medicine GP can advise you on this.



Your Travel Medicine GP will provide you with take-home information relevant to your travel health needs. You may find it useful to carry this information with you while travelling.



If you become unwell during your travels or on return to Australia it is recommended that you seek advice from your regular GP or your Travel Medicine GP as soon as possible. If you seek advice from your regular GP be sure to provide them with information about your travels and activities while overseas so they can offer appropriate investigation.