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Practice Fees

Kotara Family Practice is a PRIVATE BILLING practice. Unfortunately, as the Government has continued to strip funding away from General Practice, we are no longer able to meet the cost of providing high-quality health services on bulk-billing rates alone.

All consultations will attract a private fee. Some patients may be offered a reduced rate with consideration for their individual circumstances. Pensioners, Health Care Card holders and children under 5 years may be offered a reduced rate. If you are experiencing financial difficulty please discuss this with your treating doctor.

All privately billed consultations receive a rebate from Medicare. We are able to arrange for this rebate to be deposited immediately onto your debit card or into your nominated bank account upon full payment of your consultation fee.  


Private Billing vs Bulk-Billing

At Kotara Family Practice the quality care that you receive is a product of the dedication and expertise of our staff and a modern, well-equipped facility. Unfortunately, the reality today is that Medicare bulk-billing rebates no longer cover the cost of providing high quality care. The costs associated with running a practice increase every year (staff wages, practice rent, cost of specialised equipment, resources and computers, electricity, water, insurances and so on), but the Medicare return to practices has changed very little over the last 10 years and, in fact, some rebates have been reduced or cut altogether, making it very difficult to sustain a quality practice on bulk-bill fees alone. 


Your Medicare Refund

All face-to-face consultations attract a Medicare rebate, meaning that you will receive a refund from Medicare for part of your up-front payment, significantly reducing your out-of-pocket cost. We can arrange for your rebate to be directly deposited onto yout debit card or into your nominated bank account immediately following payment of your consultation fee. Our reception staff will be able to assist you with this. Alternatively, you can take your payment receipt to any Medicare office to receive your refund in person.


Non-Medicare Services

Medicare will only provide a rebate for services performed by your GP or Nurse as part of a face-to-face consultation. A non-rebatable private fee applies for any services you request your clinician to perform without your attendance at a consultation (such as providing a script, referral or completing a form).



Our practice prefers all consultations to be paid for on-the-day. Payments can be made by cash, EFTPOS, or credit card (Visa & Master Card). 


Fee Schedule

Our practice fee schedule is available at the reception counter. Please ask if you would like a copy.