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Practice Fees

Kotara Family Practice is a PRIVATE BILLING practice.

It will always be our goal to provide patients with exceptional care in a modern, well-equipped and comfortable practice, with a team who are dedicated, professional and expert. Unfortunately, as the Federal Government fails to adequately invest in Medicare, doctors have no option but to pass a portion of their costs on to patients in order to maintain their commitment to the highest-quality standard of care. 

Regrettably, this means that KFP is no longer able to offer Bulk-Billed services. 

All consultations (Face-to-Face and Telehealth) will attract a private fee. Some patients may be offered a reduced rate with consideration for their individual circumstances, including Pensioners and Health Care Card holders. A summary of your doctor's Fee Schedule is shown below.

The fee that you pay will not only cover your doctor's time but will also contribute to the increasing costs associated with operating a medical practice - including staff wages, rent, maintenance, cost of specialised equipment and resources, computers and software programs, insurances, electricity and so on. In addition, your doctor has their own individual expenses to cover, such as professional insurances, professional registration and the cost of ongoing education. 

All privately billed consultations receive a rebate from Medicare, to subsidise the cost of your healthcare. When you pay your consultation fee, we can arrange for your rebate to be deposited immediately onto your debit card or Medicare can deposit directly into your nominated bank account.  

Services provided under a Medicare-funded Chronic Disease Management Plan or Medicare-funded Health Assessment will continue to be Bulk-Billed. However, please note that any additional service provided at the same time and not covered by the Chronic Disease Plan or Health Assessment may attract a private fee. 


Non-Medicare Services

Medicare will only provide a rebate for services performed by your GP or Nurse as part of a consultation. A non-rebatable private fee applies for any services you request your clinician to perform without a consultation.



Your GP prefers all consultations to be paid for on-the-day. Payments can be made by cash, EFTPOS, or credit card (Visa & Master Card). 


Fee Schedule

Your fee schedule is available at the reception counter. Please ask if you would like a copy. The table below shows the cost and out-of-pocket gap for the most common consultation types. Discount fees are offered at the discretion of each GP. If you have a consultation with a different GP at the practice you may be charged differently.

A long consultation is required for all NEW patients.

Consultation Type:

Full Fee

Discount Fee


Out-of-Pocket Gap

(after your rebate)

Standard Consultation – Face-to-Face or Telehealth

(less than 20 minutes)



$50.00 / $40.00

Long Consultation – Face-to-Face or Telehealth

(20 minutes or more)



$60.00 / $50.00

Extended Consultation – Face-to-Face or Telehealth

(40 minutes or more)



$70.00 / $60.00

** Saturday afternoon appointments (from 1.00pm) attract a higher fee but your out-of-pocket gap remains the same **


Childhood Immunisations






** If your child requires formal review with the GP for further investigation of an issue not related to immunisation (eg. Referral to a specialist or allied health provider) then the Standard Consultation fee may apply


Antenatal Care






$48.00 / $38.00


Procedural Care (such as skin excisions, laceration repairs, treatment of fractures or dislocations)


Cost varies depending on procedure



Chronic Disease Management Planning


Services that form part of Medicare-funded Chronic Disease management planning are bulk-billed. Any unrelated services requested at the same time may attract a private non-rebatable fee.

Medicare- funded Health Assessments


A number of Health assessments are fully-funded by Medicare, including:

Senior Health Assessments (75 years and above)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Assessments

Chronic Disease Risk Health Assessments (45-49 years)