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Why Choose KFP?

Everything we do at Kotara Family Practice is grounded in our belief of treating you well and keeping you well so that you will feel cared for but also cared about. From the moment you walk into Kotara Family Practice you will feel welcomed and cared for. Whether you have a complicated medical history, a chronic disease, or you are fit and well, Kotara Family Practice has the experience and expertise to look after you when you are sick and keep you healthy for longer. The entire team is passionate about general practice medicine. We value exceptional care, we value our patients and each other, and we are committed to making what we do even better.



Exceptional care

We are committed to providing the highest quality, evidence-based, patient-centred healthcare.

We are committed to building relationships built on respect, trust and kindness.


Journeying Arm in Arm

We recognise the privilege of sharing in a patient's healthcare journey.

We respond to our patients' health narratives as well as their personal narratives (culture, identity, beliefs and perspectives).


Backing Ourselves

We are committed to sharing what we know and leaning in to what we don't know. 

We are committed to holding a culture or support, trust and non-judgemental curiosity. 


Best Better

We are committed to leaning in to reflection and re-thinking (on how, why and what we do) driven by curiosity and new information.