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Scripts and Referrals

Many patients ask if they need to make an appointment for script refills and referrals. The short answer is YES, you do. Our doctors believe in the importance of managing your health effectively and monitoring your progress with treatment. All script refills and referrals require an appointment so that your GP can assess how your health is progressing and how your health needs have changed over the time since your last review. Most medications should be reviewed at least every 6 months to ensure that you continue to get the best results for your health and it is important for referrals to reflect the most up-to-date information about your health needs.

When your GP is not seeing patients they are returning phone calls, completing paperwork, reading letters from specialists, reviewing pathology and imaging results, writing reports and keeping up-to-date with clinical information. Phone requests for scripts, referrals or completion of forms outside of a consultation takes time on top of an already busy day. We ask that you respect your GPs time and make an appointment for anything you need, whenever possible. All services, such as repeat scripts, referrals and completion of forms, without a consultation, attract a private fee.


Online Services

For your convenience, we now offer repeat script and referral services online if you require an urgent script refill or repeat referral and you have recently been reviewed by your GP. Some restrictions apply and we will let you know if your doctor needs to see you for a consultation instead. You need to be an existing patient of the practice and registered with OzDocs Online in order to access these services. These services attract a fee which is currently not rebatable under Medicare.

Registering is fast and easy - click on the OzDocs logo below to create your account: